Safirotu Khoir, pustakawan UGM akan presentasi di iConference 2018, Sheffield, UK.

By | 17th January 2018

sumber foto: linkedin

FPUGM 15/18 – Safirotu Khoir, Ph.D., pustakawan UGM yang juga mengajar di program Pascasarjana MIP UGM akan mempresentasikan paper ilmiahnya pada iConference 2018,  Sheffield, UK. Menurut informasi di web resmi iConference 2018 (, Fera, sapaan akrabnya, mendapatkan jadwal presentasi pada Senin, 26 Maret. Fera ada pada urutan/sesi pertama pada sesi Preliminary Papers 2: Online Communities/ICT for Development.

Fera menulis bersama Robert M Davison, seorang peneliti dari City University of Hong Kong. Paper yang akan dipresentasikan berjudul “iTransformation of a digital village: A community development initiative through ICTs”. Berikut abstrak tulisan tersebut, sebagaimana dikutip dari .

“The rapid diffusion of ICTs enables people to learn further and develop personal skills. Technology-based communication facilitates people to interact internally and externally, thus creating the opportunity for impacts on their lives in multiple respects. In the traditional life of a small village, the impact of ICTs may be even greater in terms of social life and the domestic economy. In this paper, we discuss how a village in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, embarked on a digital transformation initiative, transforming itself into a cyber-village to support its own community development. We draw on interviews with the local villagers and a village leader who was the key person responsible for initiating the community development project. Our preliminary results show that the initiative successfully supported an increase in quality of life from economic and social perspectives.”

Semoga prestasi serupa dapat menyebar pada pustakawan lain di UGM.